Mother's Day Flowers : Symbolism and Selection Tips

Uncover the symbolism behind Mother's Day flowers and get expert tips for selecting the perfect blooms to express love and appreciation for mom, ensuring a heartfelt and memorable gift-giving experience

  • Mother's Day Flowers

It is a long-standing custom on Mother's Day to give thanks to the mothers in our lives. Giving a thoughtful gift of flowers is one way to express your gratitude. The sheer number of floral selections, meanwhile, can make selecting the best flowers for Mother's Day seem intimidating. From ours to yours, these six varieties to get from your nearby West Jefferson florist and are beloved by all moms!


Being the only official Mother’s Day flower, carnations last long in arrangements or on their own and come in various hues. Light and dark pink carnations mean 'I'll never forget you' which is heartwarming for this day. Red carnations symbolize admiration, while white ones represent pure love and innocence. When selecting carnations, go for brightly colored blooms that are tightly closed versus wilted and old blooms that have opened too much already. Aim for a dozen carnations minimum for the best impact if you are looking for a simple Mother's Day bouquet idea using the same variety of flowers!

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We all love roses- aren't we? That is why they are classics that many mothers already love. Roses come in various colors and each color has its own meaning. Red roses are a traditional symbol of love and are the most commonly gifted roses for Mother's Day. Pink roses represent appreciation, grace, and gentleness which makes them excellent to show gratitude to mothers. White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and respect which works well for religious or very traditional mothers. Now when you are selecting roses, aim to gift a large bunch or bouquet with 12 or more roses to make a big impact. Be sure the roses are very fresh with open blooms and green healthy leaves.


Lilies are always elegant flowers for Mother's Day that each mother would heartily accept. The main types of lilies for Mother's Day gifting include Stargazer lilies and Oriental lilies. Stargazer lilies have large blooms in colors like pink, white, or yellow and their heavenly fragrance will fill any home. Oriental lilies come in reds, oranges, and pinks and their bold dramatic blooms make quite a statement. Both types of lilies symbolize elegance and natural beauty. Go for fully opened flowers that are not yet fading to maximize vase life- a half dozen lilies is usually sufficient for a lily bouquet.

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Orchids are exotic blooming plants that will wow any mother with their intricate patterns and shapes. Phalaenopsis or moth orchids are top choices at almost every florist in Jefferson NC since they come in white, pink, purple, or multi-tones and have a long vase life if cared for properly. Dendrobium and oncidium orchids with their dangling blooms also make enchanting gifts. Orchids represent luxury, refinement, and beauty which mothers will appreciate. When choosing orchids, select those with fully opened flowers and bright green healthy leaves.


Daisies remind us of sunny spring days and symbolize innocence and purity. They are cheerful yet affordable flowers in Jefferson for Mother's Day. Go for bouquets with at least 1-2 dozen large daisies in colors like yellow, white, or pink. Check that the daisy petals and greens are fresh versus wilted. Daisy bouquets also make great centerpieces that moms can enjoy for several days.


Tulips are another perennial favorite used for generations in Mother's Day bouquets and arrangements. Tulips symbolize perfect motherhood because their shape resembles a mother's cupped hands. There are many colorful tulip varieties to choose from like yellow which represents cheerfulness, as well as pink for caring, and red for declaration of love. When choosing tulips, opt for bulbs or tulips that have fully opened flower heads. Make sure the petals and leaves look plump and vibrant versus wilted or droopy. Aim for at least a dozen tulips in the bouquet or arrangement.

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