Types of Sympathy Flowers to Show Your Love and Support

The act of expressing love and support to those who are grieving is a heartfelt gesture in times of loss and grief. A sympathy flower is traditionally a symbol of comfort and empathy, offering solace and a sense of beauty during difficult times. In order to convey your sympathy and comfort the grieving family, it's crucial to choose sympathy flowers that convey your feelings.

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In this blog, we will explore various best flowers for sympathy and their significance in expressing love and support during times of sorrow.


Lilies are among the most popular sympathy flowers at Jefferson Florist. Their elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms indicate the restoration of the soul and the purity of the departed. White lilies, in particular, convey peace and tranquility. These vibrant pink and red stargazer lilies represent sympathy and compassion, so they are a perfect choice for expressing your love and support in difficult times.


Symbolizing love and respect, roses are timeless. In contrast to red roses, which represent passion, purity, and innocence, white roses express sympathy. Yellow roses can also be a meaningful choice, symbolizing friendship and warm remembrance.


As a result of their durability and long-lasting beauty, carnations are an excellent choice for sympathy flower delivery. As for the meanings behind the carnations, white ones are symbolic of pure love and remembrance, while pink ones are symbolic of gratitude and admiration. A thoughtful gift of these flowers can convey your support and sympathy to grieving loved ones.


Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, are widely associated with funerals and sympathy. They come in various colors at florists West Jefferson NC, with white chrysanthemums symbolizing truth and sympathy. Many cultures, including Asian cultures, view chrysanthemums as symbols of honor and respect for the departed.


Symbolizing love, beauty, and strength, orchids are elegant and exotic flowers. Sending orchids as sympathy flowers for funerals can convey your admiration for the bereaved's strength and grace. For sympathy and support, white orchids, in particular, symbolize innocence and everlasting love.


Flowers such as hydrangeas are known for their lush, full blooms and vibrant colors. In funeral arrangements flowers, they symbolize sympathy and compassion and are a suitable option to express heartfelt emotions. Hydrangeas, in blue, pink, or lavender, can bring comfort and serenity during loss times.


Yellow daffodils symbolize new beginnings and hope with their trumpet-like centers and bright yellow petals. Including daffodils in flower arrangements for sympathy can convey your wishes for healing and spirit renewal for those who grieve. Despite difficult times, they serve as a reminder of the promise of better days to come.


A gladiolus, referred to as a sword lily due to its shape, symbolizes strength of character and moral integrity. If you want to send a gladiolus in a sympathy bouquet that offers support and admiration, you need to find these flowers for funerals near me.


Iris flowers symbolize faith, wisdom, and hope. Its striking appearance and rich symbolism make it a thoughtful choice to order funeral flowers online. It is common to send purple iris flowers, in particular, as a way to express admiration and condolences. When you send iris flowers in memory of a deceased loved one, you can convey your deepest respect and support for the deceased's family.

By choosing the right sympathy flower, you can express your love, support, and condolences to the grieving. The choice of sympathy flowers should be based on the preferences and personality of the deceased and their family members. Make a gesture that will undoubtedly bring solace and warmth to those in need by visiting Lilylee's Florist.

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